live-App® …Inspiration to be amazing

With the live-App problems, stress, angst… simply disappear

The live-App is the 1st living App with a completely new basis for living:
For the first time you can free yourself from anxiety, emotional-mental-psychological disorders. Right in the second the thought-head-cinema calms down and you act clearly!

Nobody taught us at school or university that everything in life is guided by Emotions. Emotions are always conveyed with every word – in interpersonal and digital communication. Genes, parents, spiritual beliefs, politics, medicine, economics… do not solve the Data-Trash, they are only the projection of one’s own Emotions = Stamm-Data. No matter what feelings others or external situations trigger in me… the Emotion is in my body, the others are always just triggers!
This NEW Time is the wake-up call for the dissolution of the daily tormenting Stamm-Data-Hell!

The New Knowledge: Every Life-Experience – every Emotion you have experienced, felt or bottled up produces toxic waste in your own body and stays stored forever in your Stamm-Data = brain stem. Some people react with hurt and offense, while others shoot their atomic Emotions, vomit digitally or become ill. No one can deal with Emotions, even though the entire body tissue is knitted from them. After activating the App, you will be able to cope with the Emotional challenges of everyday life!

Nico Rosberg, DB: “When it comes to Emotions, we are all so in the dark. They guide our behavior without us understanding… how and why!”

The live-App takes you out of this darkness of uncertainty and fears and into erleben
With this knowledge, you will get through this crazy – stressful – highly explosive time safely!

The personalized App is indeed alive, not technical, digital. Only when you erlebst your individual Emotion yourself in the body’s biochemistry… are you free from the ballast!

With the live-App you will learn the 1×1, the ABC for leben and uncover the FOG in LIFE.
Good Emotion… Good Day… Good Lifeleben pure

All just EmotIONS!

ID.Re-Search gets it to the Point … offers extraordinary results.
Millions of years ago, the first Application was created through erlebte Emotions. In the course of evolution, repressed Emotions formed atoms = radioactive IONS, which still burden us today… determine our whole life, every action, EVERYTHING and make us nervous and ill!

Why do you need the live-App?
Because today toxic Emotional facts determine all of life, the economy and world politics, if you feel empty, exhausted, frustrated, depressed or ill… just function.
Your life seems pointless or fake … what is true?

The live-App gives you perspective, health, mental well-being, power, more time…
You erlebst a new – unprecedented quality in life!

erleben / erlebst = to experience