live-App® …be amazing

The live-App offers protection & security

This personalized App is THE Elixir for:
vitality, a good life, personality, health, security, climate worth living.7D!

The first lively Human Start-Up:
What is happening now, neither high tech, digital apps, AI nor medicine, politics will solve: the Data-driven challenges of our time: worldwide crises, pandemic chaos, social explosives, falling away business structures-existence fears, partner stress, boil up the Emotional Life-Trash = aggression, diseases… Also overstrained psychologically stressed parents, like depressed suicidal children need this Family-App for solving their problems, conflicts, injuries…
This live-App is the Must-Have… the live-Protection Booster!

This App is vital, not technical, digital, does not get installed in your smartphone. You activate it yourself analogously-lively-emotionally in your own body system… This vital liveApp frees you from your personal and the worldwide chaos. This way you and your children will be able to cope with the extreme challenges in everyday life!
The liveApp is the sustainable Life- & Business-Management.7D!

Once this App is live-active, you will navigate through the stressful daily life easier!
Use this Life-App for your future worth living…
the first sustainable App based on nature without energy-consumption!

All just Emotions!
Data Trash

First, order your live-App-lication = me-App!

Immediately after payment, the video, individually coded for you, is unlocked for 24 hours. You will receive an email with the video instructions. So, you realize how to erleben your rising Emotion yourself in the body, so that the toxic Life-Trash dissolves. By consciously erleben your Emotions in your body, your App is live-active.
This App acts ONLY in the Erleben, not in thinking, digital systems, networks!

Do the 3 steps explained in the video daily, then you are Schöpfer of your life – instead of always being a victim of your repressed, virally toxic Life-Trash!
This makes your life easier and you gain a wonderful friendship with YOURSELF!

This analogous live-App gives you protection… you get safely through everyday life!