live-App® …be amazing

The live-App offers protection and security

The basis of the live-App is the Evolution-Cause-Re-Search
This lively App offers you a new live-Basis…
a good life, mental health, security, freedom, healthy climate worth living!

The first lively Human Start-up:
The live-App is now the “must-have” = Self-Protection-Booster for this toxic-viral times.
This App is vital, not technical, digital, is not installed in your smartphone.
It is activated analogously-lively-emotionally by yourself in the own body system…
this frees you in a second from Emotional ballast: fear, stress, conflicts, pain
and solves the life-trauma of the virus-pandemic!
“Only the Emotional Data-Trash in the body cells makes dissatisfied, fat, sick…!”

What is happening now will neither be solved by reason, nor by high-tech, medicine, digital apps, politics or AI.
Daily life conflicts, fears nowadays determine our lives, pandemic-war-panic rule the world.
Overwhelmed, psychologically stressed parents, as well as depressed suicidal children need this Family-App for solving their problems, conflicts, pains…
This lively live-App frees you from toxic family-chaos.
That way, you and your children will be able to cope with the extreme challenges of everyday life.
The live-App is the contemporary life- crisis- business- management.7D!

Once this App is live-active, you navigate yourself more easily through this exhausting time!
Use this Life-App for your future worth living…
the first sustainable App based on nature, without energy consumption!

All just Emotions!
Data Trash

First, order your individual live-App-lication = live-App!

Immediately after payment, the individually encoded video is unlocked for you for 24 hours. You receive an e-mail with the video tutorial. So you realize how you erleben your boiling Emotion yourself in the body, so that the toxic Data-Trash is dissolved.
By erleben your Emotions consciously in the body, your App is liveactive.

This App works ONLY in ER-leben, not in thinking, digital systems, networks!
Carry out the 3 steps explained in the video daily, then you are Schöpfer of your life –
instead of always a victim of your repressed – viral – toxic Data-Trash!
Life is easier and you erleben a wonderful friendship with YOURSELF!

This analogous live-App gives you protection… you get safely through everyday life!