live-App® …be amazing

The basis of the live-App is the Elisa Dorandt Re-Search
For the first time you erlebst your Original-I, instead your Data-ich
This lively App offers you a new live basis…
a good life, physical & psychological freedom, healthy climate!

The first lively Human Start-up:
The live-App is the “must-have” in these extraordinary times.
This vital App is not technical, digital, is not installed in your smartphone.
It is activated analogously-lively-emotionally by yourself in the own body system…
this frees you in a second from Emotional ballast: fear, stress, conflicts, overweight…
and solves the life-trauma – old wounds.

Instead of EGO – here the lost Original is activated for the first time:
this strengthens your live-potential, your self-worth, your health and frees you from the Corona-Blues!

What is happening now will neither be solved by reason, nor by high-tech, digital apps and AI.
Life conflicts, fears, panic, diseases, burnout, mobbing, injuries, violence, hatred, worldwide crises, the virus, climate heating… now determine and burden everyday life. Many parents and children are overstrained, unsettled, psychologically burdened, without perspective…
If you want to free yourself from the chaos, then you need the individual live-App.
With the New Knowledge of my Re-Search you solve your problems directly in the cause.
That way, you and your children will be able to cope with the extreme challenges of everyday life.
The live-App is the contemporary life- crisis- management.7D, also in business!

Once the live-App is activated, you navigate yourself through these crazy times!
Use this live-App for your future worth living!
I give you the hand in a New live!

ich-App Pulse

All just emotions!
Data Trash

First, order your individual live-App-lication = live-App!

Immediately after payment, the video individually encoded by me, is unlocked for you for 48 hours. You receive an email with the video tutorial. So you realize that you have to erleben your high-boiling Emotions yourself in the body, so that the Data-Trash = the cause of all diseases, conflicts dissolves.
By erleben your Emotions yourself in the body, your live-App is active.
In every moment of the self-erlebten Inside-Emotion your own i-Frequency is active!

This App works ONLY in constant ER-leben, not in thinking, digital systems, networks!
Carry out the 3 steps explained in the video daily, then you are Schöpfer of your life –
instead of always a victim of your Data-Trash!
Life is easier and you erlebst a wonderful friendship with YOURSELF!

With this analogous live-App you can get safely through everyday life!

Elisa Dorandt