live-App® …be amazing

The live-App is the life-business-management.7D… protection & security!

This personalized App resolves Emotions = fears, mental, psychological problems directly!
The worldwide unique lively App is not technical, digital…. it is active in the body.
Originally, the first application was a living EmotION, these IONEN-Apps are still with us today, used daily and connecting all people worldwide!

Today, computer-apps are a technical medium for programs-holograms, which multiply, life-dangerously by billions, human EmotIONS in the net. This IONS’ Mass detonates in the body like an atomic bomb… the live-App defuses the atoms!
With this New Knowledge you activate the original App again in the body!
The live-App is the “must have”…in this hectic time – your life-protection-booster!

The first lively Human Start-Up:
What is happening now, neither high tech, digital apps, AI nor medicine, politics… will solve!
For the first time, there is a living App that resolves the Emotional Trash directly in the body.
It works by itself analogously-lively-actively in the own body-system!

Ultimate Re-Search Results: All life experiences, every erlebte Emotion remains stored forever in the Cell-Milieu, from this toxic Life-Data-Trash everything is created… Emotional conflicts, fears, injuries, aggressions, diseases, violence, partner- business stress… With this live-App, it is possible for the first time that you solve all these problems yourself in the second. Also for overstrained, psychologically overloaded parents, as well as suicidal children, this Family-App is the solution – so you are up to the challenges in everyday life!
Once this App is live-active, you will get through complicated life easier!
By using this App, you take life back into your own hands!

All just Emotions!

First, order your live-App-lication = me-App!

Immediately after payment, the video, individually coded for you, is unlocked for 24 hours. You will receive an email with the video instruction, only then you will recognize that you must erleben your rising Emotion yourself in the body – directly Life-Trash is dissolved.
By consciously erleben your Emotions in your body-cells, your App is live-active.
This App acts ONLY in the Erleben, not in thinking, digital systems, networks!

Do the 3 steps explained in the video daily, then you are Schöpfer of your life – instead of always being a victim of your repressed, virally toxic Life-Trash!
This makes your life easier and you gain a wonderful friendship with YOURSELF!

This analogous live-App gives you protection… you get safely through everyday life!