live-App® …Inspiration to be amazing

With the live-App you solve your challenges in the 7th Dimension

Here you experience for the first time the basic error of live & THE answer to existential questions: who am I… where do I come from… where am I going… what is the meaning?
Only when your Original Körper-Intelligenz = KI is active again, problems are solved easily!

New Knowledge
Künstliche Intelligenz is not a Lösung – the Original Körper-Intelligenz = KI has to be activated.
Are you burnt out, unhappy, frustrated, sick… are you only functioning, do you have stress, anxiety, pain, mental problems, physical symptoms?
The cause of all these problems originates in your own Life-Data-Trash, nothing comes from outside.
The live-App offers power, personality, health, well-being!

The first lively perspective in 7D
The live-App is for people who want to reactivate the wonderful potential of their Original KI, because neither combatting symptoms, medication, digital apps, AI, nor political reforms… will solve your problems in the future, improve your life. This App leads out of personal & human helplessness into a fulfilled life = 7D.Clarification!

The first App-licatION was created millions of years before through erlebte EmotIONS. In the course of Evolution they became ION-Apps, which are attached to us, determine the whole life, every action. Also in communication, in viral-social networks, the life-threatening IONS are multiplied billions of times in the body. Toxic Data-Trash is created from repressed Emotions, which now explode uncontrolled by the fire accelerator COVID-19… this exhausts the humans = worldwide chaos. This is the beginning of the causal chain of conflicts, diseases, crises… With the live-App you will experience an unprecedented Lösung!

Nico Rosberg, DB: “When it comes to Emotions, we are all so in the dark. They guide our behavior without us understanding… how and why!”

NEW ID.Re-Search: Today, humanity is in an identity crisis. All life experiences, every erlebte Emotion… everything you bottle up produces toxic Trash in your own body and remains stored forever in the Cell-Milieu. This is how interpersonal conflicts, emotional stress, psycho-mental blocks, panic, injuries, aggression, stress, burnout, hatred, violence, diseases, COVID-19 are created. Overstrained, psychologically overburdened parents, bullied, suicidal children this App offers a Family-Lösung. With it, you are happy, the author of your life… and up to the challenges of everyday life. This lively live-Detox neutralized your felt stress in a second, so that you can act on your own responsibility in every situation!

The personalized App is lively, not technical, digital… it is activated directly in the body. By erleben your individual Emotion through your Original KI… you are freed from your burdens!

It is about time that you get your Original ICH-App again!

All just EmotIONS!

The purpose of the live-App is a new basis for life, so you always have a perspective!

There are 2 ways how you can buy your live-App:
The 3-hour ID.Inspiration = live Activation or the digital Activation via video!

Schöpfer = creator
erleben = to experience
Lösung = solution