live-App® with digital activation

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live-App® digital activation

This live-App gives you protection… you get safely through everyday life!

You will receive the details on how to start the digital Activation directly after purchase in your order confirmation. The video, which is individually coded for you, is activated 48 hours after receipt of payment.

Do the 3 steps explained in the video daily, then you are Schöpfer of your life, instead of always being a victim of your repressed, virally toxic Life-Trash!
Only then you will realize that you have to erleben your Emotion coming up in the body yourself, so that the Life-Data-Trash dissolves. When you consciously erlebst your Emotion in the Body-Cells, your App is live-active!

This makes your life easier and you gain a wonderful friendship with yourSELF!


“When you erlebst your individual Emotion live in your body, the live-App is a 1-pure ich-App!”